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Tuesday:         10:00a.m. - 8:00p.m.
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The Library
by Barbara A. Huff

It looks like any building
When you pass it on the street,
Made of stone and glass and marble,
 Made of iron and concrete.
But once inside you can ride
 A camel or a train,
Visit Rome, Siam or Nome,
Feel a hurricane.
Meet a king, learn to sing,
How to bake a pie,
Go to sea, plant a tree,
Find how airplanes fly.
Train a horse, and of course,
Have all the dogs you like,
See the moon, a sandy dune,
Or catch a whopping pike.
Everything that books can bring
You'll find inside those walls.
A world is there for you to share
When adventure calls.
You cannot tell its magic
By the way the building looks,
But there's wonderment within it,
The wonderment of books.


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Mother/Daughter Princess Tea Fundraiser

By order of The Royal Palace at
1810 Courthouse Ave, Auburn, Nebraska,
Queens and Princesses are hereby
requested to attend court
to celebrate their nobility.

The festivities will commence at One-thirty
on the afternoon of the Twenty-fifth
of April, Two-thousand-and-Fifteen.
You may return to your royal carriages
at Three O’Clock. 

Tickets to court will be available to purchase until the Seventeenth of April for $7.00 each with a limit of 50 available.

Princesses twelve and under are
encouraged to dress in Royal attire.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Library

Copyright 2006
Auburn Memorial Library
Auburn, NE